Stand Where Daniel Boone Stood

  • Visit the many paths traveled by Daniel Boone in North Carolina.
  • Experience the landscape where he lived, hunted, married, and reared his young children during his 21 years in North Carolina.
  • Visit a replica of his cabin along Beaver Creek and one of his hunting cabins at Whippoorwill Village.
  • Visit the site of the fort where he and his neighbors sought protection during Cherokee attacks.
  • Walk among the ruins of the 1753 Moravian settlement where Boone took his ill brother, Israel, for medical care.
  • Go inside the cave along the Yadkin River where he reportedly lived and hid while fishing and hunting.
  • Examine the headstones of Daniel Boone's parents and brother in Joppa Cemetery.
  • Stand on the campus of Appalachian State University and gaze into the face of Daniel Boone, as given form in the most exquisite statue of the man anywhere in the world.
  • And, in between all of these sites across northwest North Carolina, visit a host of markers, monuments, and plaques erected over a century to commemorate the legendary life of Daniel Boone.