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Daniel Boone is a hero of the American frontier.

While many associate Boone with Cumberland Gap, the Wilderness Road, and Kentucky, few realize that Boone’s roots in North Carolina run deep.

Boone called North Carolina home for twenty-one years, from 1752 to 1773: longer than any other place he lived. It was here in the Yadkin Valley that he sharpened his long hunter skills, married, raised a family, and learned more about the vast uncharted lands beyond the Appalachians.

Just a few of the ways the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail helps us experience his legacy is by identifying:

  • Boone markers
  • Frequented spots such as the cave he was purported to hide in while hunting along the river, or the fort he sought protection in during Cherokee attacks
  • Replicas of the cabin he lived in, as well as his hunting cabin
  • Monuments and statues
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • An outdoor drama celebrating his life and times
  • Many more exciting spots, as you’ll find on our Trail Map

Join us on this exciting journey!

We invite you to become a member and help support our efforts to preserve, promote, and educate people everywhere about Daniel Boone in North Carolina: America's finest frontiersman.

View our video on North Carolina Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, which aired on UNCTV's North Carolina Weekend

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